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Broken Part Service

Don't worry, we can fix it!

Did a piece of your car or home appliance break? Send us the broken part and we can make you a new one!


We are a passionate team ready to help


3D Modeling

Our expert 3D CAD designers can model your idea to 3D print a prototype.  Napkin sketches are all we need!


Engineering Design and Consultation

Do you have a bigger project or idea?  Our team can help, no project is too small.  We have years of mechanical engineering experience with a wide variety of expertise.

Metal - IMG_20191020_123806_Fotor.jpg

Coming Soon - Cast Metal Parts

We are developing a process to investment cast complex geometry from a 3D print.  We may be able to accommodate your request today for metals that melt below 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Suggested applications include mechanical parts, jewelry, and wood/food branding irons.

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