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3D Printing Materials

Don't hesitate to ask for a recommendation



Our preferred material for cost effective, mechanically strong , aesthetically appealing prints. We stock multiple colors including black, white, blue, red, and gray. Not recommended for exterior applications (unless painted) or high-temp applications.  Great for initial prototyping, gifts, and figurines.



A more durable form of PLA, this material has good mechanical properties and better tolerance to harsh environments. Print resolution is slightly lower than PLA (but still excellent) and cost effective. We keep black PETG in stock.



The most durable material we offer standard, it is tolerant to high temperatures, outdoor environments , and mechanical applications. Acetone vapor smoothing is an available service and can dramatically change the print surface (see image below). Printing with this material is much more difficult which leads to a higher cost and typically lower resolution. We keep black ABS in stock.

Looking For Other Materials?

Or printing type?

We have the capability to print with many more materials than listed here. Depending on the request we can source specific colors/materials to meet your needs in as little as a few days.

We are open to expanding our equipment as well, please inquire to let us know what you need.

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Post Processing

Sometimes the printing is just the start

Acetone Vapor.jpg

Vapor Smoothing

Available for ABS prints only, we have the ability to chemically treat the surface of prints for aesthetics, water tightness, and other functionality


Sanding and De-Burring

A good idea prior to painting or other surface treatments.  We also have a granite surface block to wet sand to ultra-flat tolerances


Painting and Surface Treatments

From spray paint to electro-plate

Pricing and Miscellaneous

Have a question? Just ask!

Print Pricing

The cost of a part depends on many variables including material, print-ready geometry, and size. Expect your typical cell phone sized part to cost $20 or less.

FINAL IMG_20191020_123505_Fotor.jpg

Quick Turn

Depending on our back log we try to deliver parts within a week or less. If there is a need for short term delivery ask about our expedited service charge.


We offer standard rate shipping. For the Bozeman/Belgrade area drop off and pickup services are available.

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